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Welcome to The Break Zone!

Welcome to the break zone everyone! Thank you for taking the time to come here and check out our new web page!

This will be your landing page to all things The Break Zone! Here you'll find all the information you need for:

- The Nor*Cal Break Zone Tournament Circuit! Check out our current Opus 4 Season, information on how to join the circuit and where our next events will be! And of course the current Season Standing!

- The Break Zone YouTube Page, where we give live commentary of some of the biggest and best events FFTCG has to offer as well as some insightful video articles on some of our favorite cards and decks!

- New Blog post and articles covering in more depth some of our favorite aspects of the game! We'll keep you to date on all of the new Metas, reports from various events and, as always, our colorful commentary of the news surrounding FFTCG!

Take a look around and we hope you enjoy your time here!


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