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Top 8 break down: Event V!

Top 8 Break Down: Event 5 Opus 4

By Laurent Nguyen

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Milo Mosquera

1st Place

My Tea is Cold I Don’t Why I Got Out of Bed at All

If you like damage combos, this is the deck for you!

Play Al-Cid into Rygdea or Onion Knight to deal 9-11K damage. Start with your other Onion Knight or Cactuar to damage a forward, then finish it off with the Onion Knight or Orlandeau. Use your summons and monsters to break opposing forwards, or punish aggressive players with Zidane. Make your opponent regret returning your forwards to your hand or breaking them, as most of them have enter the field abilities.

Strike down your opponents so hard that they’ll wonder why they got out of bed at all.

This deck took down Ice/Fire Shelke Gadot, Ice/Fire FF6 Discard Burn, and Wind/Lightning in the Top Cuts.

Forwards (26)

Backups (17)

Summons (4)

Monsters (3)

Thomas Nguyen

2nd Place

Lu-Cid Control

This variation of the Wind Lightning deck focuses on the Lulu package. It adds Odin, Chaos, Walker of the Wheel, and Exodus, the Judge-Sal.

Your Lu-Cid plays will keep the game under control.

This deck took down Lightning Gilgamesh Golbez Exdeath and Earth/Wind Shantotto in the Top Cuts.

Forwards (19)

Backups (20)

Summons (10)

Monsters (1)

Brian Ng

3rd Place

Warrior of Light

Do you prefer playing Shantotto forward or Shantotto backup? How about playing a deck with both?

This deck is filled with counters such as Guy against dull/freeze effects, Ritz against bounce effects, and Dadaluma or Delita against targeted effects. The combination of Enna Kros and Maria will keep your Raubahn alive, while dealing 9K damage to an opposing forward.

Punish opposing damage abilities with Dadaluma and Shantotto, or get the fun started with your Cactuar.

This deck took down Water/Wind monsters in the Top Cuts.

Forwards (21)

Backups (17)

Summons (9)

Monsters (3)

Phillip Marciano

4th Place

Yakko Wakko and Discard 1

The game is fun when everything is dull!

Punish aggressive players with Jihl Nabaat, Cid Raines, and Shiva. Burn away small forwards with Vivi, Firion, and Black Waltz 2. Attack their hands with Locke or Genesis.

Use this three-pronged discard strategy to drive your opponents crazy.

This deck took down Wind/Water chocobos in the Top Cuts.

Forwards (25)

Backups (16)

Summons (9)

Brian Gerbi

5th Place

Pinky & The Brian

Start the monster mash with one cp, and then keep the pain train going!

Dig deep into your deck with Relm. Turn Koboldroid Yin or Green Dragon into forwards by dulling a backup for 1 cp, then attack to have Nono refund you the cost. Clear the way with Tonberries, and then use Gau and Mira to do it all over again.

This game plan will help you take over the world!

Forwards (15)

Backups (17)