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Top 8 break down: Event IV!

Top 8 Break Down: Opus 4 Event 4

1st Place - Bryan Lue

Wind Lightning

If you like damage combos, this is the deck for you!

Play Al-Cid into Rygdea or Onion Knight to deal 9-11K damage. Start with your other Onion Knight or Cactuar to damage a forward, then finish it off with the Onion Knight or Orlandeau. Use your summons and monsters to break opposing forwards, or punish aggressive players with Zidane. Make your opponent regret returning your forwards to your hand or breaking them, as they all have enter the field abilities.

Wind Lightning will blow you away with Shemhazai, the Whisperer, or strike twice with Raiden.


2 Rygdea (1-211S)

3 Hildibrand (4-109H)

3 Onion Knight (1-125R)

3 Zidane (3-056H)

3 Al-Cid (2-097H)

2 Barbariccia (3-066R)

2 Moogle (4-069H)

2 Onion Knight (4-054L)

2 Orlandeau (4-101H)


3 Chaos, Walker of the Wheel (3-071H)

2 Cyclops (2-107C)

2 Raiden (4-114L)


2 Cactuar (4-058C)

2 Dragon (4-106C)


3 Black Mage (2-108C)

1 Archer (1-088C)

3 Nashu (4-107R)

3 Oracle (3-070C)

2 Red Mage (1-121C)

2 Maria (1-083H)

3 Aerith (1-064R)

2nd Place - David Corey

Link’s Nightmare

This aggressive deck likes to play Izana to search for Fat Chocobo, which in turn searches and plays Opus 1 Chocobo, Opus 4 Chocobo, or Opus 4 Special Chocobo. Ranger gets around opposing activated abilities. Get your low costs forwards back from the break zone with Asura and Gladiator. Use Koboldroid Yin and Shemhazai, the Whisperer to go under opposing forwards for the last few points of damage.

Link’s Nightmare will have you running scared of big chicken.


3 Izana (3-049C)

3 Knight (3-139C)

3 Chocobo (1-075C)

3 Chocobo (4-062C)

1 Chocobo (4-063C)

3 Ranger (3-053C)

3 Zidane (3-056H)

1 Bartz (1-081R)

2 Warrior of Light (1-155R)


2 Asura (2-049H)

2 Shemhazai, the Whisperer (2-070R)

3 Chaos, Walker of the Wheel (3-071H)

2 Leviathan (1-178R)

1 Valefor (1-062L)


2 Koboldroid Yin (4-057R)


3 Arc (2-050H)

3 Gladiator (4-126R)

2 Nono (4-066R)

3 Maria (1-083H)

2 Fat Chocobo (4-064L)

3 Yuna (1-176H)

3rd Place - Brian Ng

Not Mono Earth

Do you prefer playing Shantotto forward or Shantotto backup? How about playing a deck with both?

This deck is filled with counters such as Guy against dull/freeze effects, Ritz against bounce effects, and Dadaluma or Delita against targeted effects. Put up big forwards like Galuf, and make them bigger with Enna Kros and Maria.

This deck is Not Mono Earth, but something more.


1 Delita (1-112R)

3 Rydia (2-094H)

2 Ritz (4-072H)

2 Guy (1-097H)

1 Terra (4-146L)

3 Dadaluma (4-085H)

2 Raubahn (4-096H)

3 Delita (3-088L)

2 Galuf (3-077H)

3 Shantotto (4-083L)

1 Gabranth (2-081L)


3 Titan (1-110C)

3 Hecatoncheir (4-093R)

2 Sylph (1-074R)


2 Cactuar (4-058C)


2 Tama (1-111C)

2 Monk (2-089C)

1 Monk (4-095C)

2 Baralai (1-200S)

1 White Mage (4-061C)

3 Enna Kros (1-095R)

1 Masked Woman (3-076R)

3 Maria (1-083H)

2 Shantotto (1-107L)

4th Place - Phillip Marciano

Discard 1, Discard 1, Discard 1

Welcome to the Flan buffet!

Discard is the name of the game. Attack Locke or Genesis, then empty their hand with Flan to set up a Cid Aulstyne. Punish aggressive players with Jihl Nabaat. Dull opposing forwards by breaking Rinoa for a big Zalera, the Death Seraph.

This deck will have your opponents mumbling Discard 1, Discard 1, Discard 1…

2 Serah (1-195S)

3 Rinoa (2-047L)

3 Locke (4-048L)

2 Vayne (2-026L)

2 Celes (4-038L)

2 Genesis (3-033L)

1 Terra (4-146L)

3 Terra (1-047R)

3 Setzer (4-036H)

2 Cid Aulstyne (3-036H)


3 Shiva (4-033C)

3 Shiva (3-032R)

2 Zalera, the Death Seraph (3-037H)


3 Flan (4-043C)


3 Summoner (1-040C)

1 Cid (WOFF) (4-034R)

2 Bard (4-027C)

3 Jihl Nabaat (1-193S)

1 Kazusa (3-026C)

2 Duke Larg (1-057R)

2 Gestahlian Empire Cid (4-026H)

2 Devout (1-048C)

5th Place - Dylan Hernandez

Order of The Northern Sky

Do you like EX Bursts? Knights? How about Final Fantasy Tactics?

This deck has it all. This tri-color deck uses Agrias to search for Ovelia, thus giving your knights +1K power. Go on the offensive, and makes your opponent sweat when they’re swinging back. Are they ready to leave their fate up to the EX gods?

Will you join the Order of The Northern Sky?


3 Agrias (1-151R)

2 Beatrix (4-135R)

3 Steiner (3-137R)

3 Delita (4-087R)

3 Gippal (1-101R)

3 Ramza (3-119L)

2 Dycedarg (4-105R)

2 Zidane (3-154S)


2 Fairy (1-170C)

3 Leviathan (1-178R)

2 Atomos (4-073C)

3 Odin (1-124R)


3 Ovelia (1-156C)

2 Minwu (1-171H)

2 Yuna (1-176H)

2 Monk (2-089C)

2 Raubahn (2-093H)

2 Mustadio (1-118R)

3 Red Mage (1-121C)

1 Duke Goltanna (1-134R)

1 Sage (1-133C)

1 Cosmos (1-183H)

6th Place - Brian Gerbi

Go Go Chocobo

Let’s Go Go Chocobo!

This variation of the chocobo deck adds in Black Chocobo and Seven. Fill up your board and get that fully employed Bartz!


3 Izana (3-049C)

2 Chocobo (4-063C)

2 Chocobo (4-062C)

1 Chocobo (1-076C)

3 Chocobo (1-075C)

2 Black Chocobo (3-054C)

2 Bartz (3-065L)

3 Zidane (3-056H)

3 Seven (3-057R)

2 Mime (1-173C)

2 Gogo (4-127H)


3 Chaos, Walker of the Wheel (3-071H)

3 Shemhazai, the Whisperer (2-070R)

3 Leviathan (1-178R)

1 Leviathan (4-143R)


3 Gladiator (4-126R)

2 Brahne (4-134C)

3 Nono (4-066R)

3 Arc (2-050H)

3 Fat Chocobo (4-064L)

1 Maria (1-083H)

7th Place - Travis DePetris

Hell is Supposed to be Cold

Hell is Supposed to be Cold, and your opponent’s hands will feel a breeze when they’re empty!

This variation of the Mono Ice deck adds