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Final Turn Friday: Episode I

What will you do..??

Welcome to Final Turn Friday, where you have only 1 left turn before your opponent sends you to Nightmare World.

You are piloting an Ice/Earth deck, and your Mono Water Monsters opponent has you on the ropes. After dealing 6 points of damage early on, your opponent was able to deal 6 damage back to you. You are facing lethal next turn, as those 3x Green Dragon are big enough to trade with your forwards thanks to the Wakka power boost, and the Cagnazzo and Relm can sneak in the last point of damage. Gau is currently frozen. Your opponent has a Clione and a Shrodinger on the field.

You are in your prep attack step. Vayne, Emperor, and Terra can attack this turn.

You are holding on to a Hecatoncheir and a Mateus. Your Jihl Nabaat, Jessie, Shantotto, and Gestahlian Empire Cid are active.

Your opponent has no cards in hand, and no active backups and that Relm was just played on their last turn.

It’s time to go for broke, but which line of play will lead you to victory?

Write your answer in the comments below. A correct answer will enter you into a drawing. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next Friday. He/she will receive $5 credit to spend on

All contests are subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, including U.S. sanctions.

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Declare attack with Terra,

1) Opponent blocks with Cagnazzo, play mateus, opponent draws from clione, dull freeze cagnazzo.

Declare attack with vayne.

1-2) Opponent blocks with relm, declare attack with emperor, opponent discards to turn green dragon into a 8k forward, in response, before block declaration, you play hecatoncheir selecting vayne and green dragon.

1-3) Opponent discards to activate green dragon, you allow green dragon to resolve into a forward, and await opponent to declare blocker. If green dragon is blocker, heca relm and trade vayne with green dragon.

If relm is declared blocker, after relm is broken, heca vayne with

green dragon.

The winning condition is to proc clione with mateus when opponent declares a blocker, dull and freeze…

Mi piace

Attack with Terra. They block with a forward. Use Hecaton to activate Clione. Dull and Freeze the other forward with The Emperor after they draw. Use Mateus to kill the blocking forward. Attack with Vayne. They use the card they drew to activate Green Dragon and the two trade. Attack with The Emperor and win. Edit: Typo fix.

Mi piace

Philippe Paulin
Philippe Paulin
05 mag 2018

Dull Jihl Nabaat to use Hecatoncheir. Clione will trigger, making your opponent draw a card. Hope it's not a Water card.

The Emperor's auto ability will trigger. Use it to Dull Gau.

Attack with your three Forwards in any order. If Clinoe didn't draw a Water card, your opponent is forced to Block once each with Cagnazzo and Relm.

When they Block with Relm, she Breaks.

When they Block with Cagnazzo, Dull Shantotto to play Mateus. That card Breaks.

There will be no Forwards left to Block when your third card attack.

Note: Cagnazzo and Gau can be switched, the result remains the same.

Mi piace

Trigger clione to trigger emperor, dull n freeze cag. Attack twice for the win.

Mi piace

Jeremy Keczan
Jeremy Keczan
04 mag 2018

Agree with D'Marcus Williams, albeit the fact that Relm has just been played per the scenario's specs, the scenario is winnable as was proven by Okiomoto's play in the finals of the Crystal Cup.

Mi piace
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