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Current Season 

The Break Zone Circuit Structure

  • Registration starts at 12:00PM and closes at 12:45PM

  • Registration Fee: $20 (1 pack given to player, 2.5 packs into prize pool)

  • Prizing: Promo cards, Packs of current set, and raffles every round of Swiss!

  • Packs will be distributed to Top 8 players based on attendance.

  • Each Swiss round Stores may raffle Promos or any other gift they choose.

  • $7 per entry will be sent to PayPal and be added to the Championship prize pool.

  • Format: Constructed; Swiss (Bo1) with Top Cuts (Top16/8 which will be Bo3)

  • Time Structure: 30 Minute Swiss Rounds, 70 Minute Top Cut Rounds 

  • All Promos, Opus 1 - 6 and starter cards are legal 

Swiss Round and Top Cuts

Game Rules Structure

  • The Break Zone Circuit Follows the Rules defined by GTS and Square Enix 

  • If players are tied for the cut to top 8 we will go off of tie breaker using the following:
    1st: Opponents win %
    2nd: Opponent’s – Opponent’s win %
    3rd: Damage Taken

  •  Due to this players MUST record how much damage they have dealt and taken on each match slip.
    ** If a player forfeits a match their damage taken will be considered 7.**

  • Please be respectful of both players time and do your best to make plays at an acceptable speed.
    Please see below how we will handle slow play:
    ** 1st: If you are called to be slow playing by an opposing player a judge will come over and monitor the situation for a few minutes and observe if that is the case
    ** 2nd: If you are called again for slow play and a TO/Judge confirm you are, you will get a warning and be asked to play faster.
    ** 3rd: If you are called for a 3rd time and a TO/Judge confirm you are, you will get a Games loss (If you are in swiss that would count as a Match loss due to Bo1).

  • -If players in the Top 8 go to time, they continue with normal end of turn procedures;

    • Turn 0: The player whose turn it is when time is called

    • Turn 1: Opposing player

    • Turn 2: Last turn for the player that time was originally called on.

    • Turn 3: Opposing players last turn.

  • If no winner is decided after the turns are finished, and this is a Top 8 match,  and the players are both tied on damage, the winner is decided by sudden death, this means the first player to deal damage to their opponent, wins the match. If damage is not tied, the player with more damage taken loses. If this is game 2, the player who won game 1 wins the match.

Event Rules Structure

  • The Break Zone has a " Zero Strike" Policy For cheating. Any player caught performing the following infractions will earn an immediate event disqualification 

    • Drawing Extra Cards

    • Pulling cards back to hand from the break zone

    • Knowingly breaking rules of honest and fair play and game rules as stated

    • Illegal shuffling of any type (stacked decks, false cuts, false shuffles, etc)

    • Marked sleeves 

    • Changing cards in their deck after deck registration has been finalized 

    • Continual Slow Play

  • During Top Cuts, Players MUST submit their decks for deck checks. 

    • Players will not have access to their decks during the deck check. ​

    • Judges will hold and retain players decks until the start of Top Cut rounds 

    • If there are any infractions found during the deck check, the player will be immediately disqualified from the event. 

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